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Bora Bora is a romantic island of blue and green and one of the most beautiful islands in Tahiti. Surrounded by a lagoon and barrier reef, Bora Bora is an island of unbelievable beauty. more

Bora Bora offers a range of accommodation options to suit most budgets and preference. Accommodation in Bora Bora may range from five-star hotels and resorts to self-contained beachfront bungalow accommodation.

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    Accommodation in Bora Bora

    Bora Bora accommodation options are varied, with options to suit most tastes, requirements and budgets. Options may include:

    Bora Bora Accessible Accommodation

    If you or one of your group require safe and accessible accommodation in Bora Bora, then view our accessible accommodation listings. These accommodations provide access for the disabled, elderly or infirm. Disabled facilities include wheelchair access and additional safety railings.

    Bora Bora Accommodation for Art Lovers

    Often owned by Bora Bora artists, scupltors and creative artisans, our listings for art-loving accommodation-seekers often include beautifully designed interiors, antiques and easy access to in-house galleries (e.g. woodturning, pottery and water-colour painting) or local centres for art and artworks.

    Bora Bora Accommodation Planners and Passes

    If you need someone to help you organise your Bora Bora accommodation and travel itinerary, then check out our listings for accommodation planners, including accommodation and travel passes designed to help you get the most out of your holiday budget.

    Bora Bora Apartment Accommodation

    Stay in either fully-serviced apartments or self-catering apartments and you'll find all the comforts of home waiting for you in Bora Bora. Apartment accommodation caters for a range of budgets, group sizes and types and can easily be found throughout Bora Bora, especially in popular holiday areas.

    Bora Bora Baches, Beach Houses, Bungalow Accommodation

    Baches (cribs) are part of the Bora Bora holiday tradition, where escaping to the 'bach' is part of any get-away holiday. Choose from simple or luxurious baches, beach houses and bungalows to enjoy self-catering holidays far away from anyone and anything. Perfect for families.

    Bora Bora Backpacker and Budget Accommodation

    Bora Bora offers great choice for backpackers and travellers on a budget with a wealth of backpacker hostels and budget accommodation throughout the country. At backpacking accommodation, facilities, activities and tours are designed to cater for backpackers' needs and interests.

    Bora Bora Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

    Bed and breakfast accommodation in Bora Bora offers an opportunity to experience life in a real Bora Bora home. Bed and breakfasts range from family homes to boutique luxury establishments, but friendly welcomes from hosts, plus delicious breakfasts are common to most B&Bs.

    Bora Bora Boat and Cruise Accommodation

    If you fancy taking to the open seas, the fiords or the lakes whilst on holiday in Bora Bora, then check out boat and cruising accommodation. Self-drive or crewed and skippered boats are available catering to every level of sailor in a variety of vessels.

    Bora Bora Boutique and Heritage Accommodation

    Enjoy the old-world charm of Bora Bora yesteryear in boutique and heritage accommodation available throughout the country. Choose from rural homesteads, character and heritage homes, Art Deco villas and small, initimate Bora Bora accommodation offering boutique choices.

    Bora Bora Campsites and Holiday Park Accommodation

    There are campsites, camping grounds and holiday parks throughout Bora Bora catering for travellers with tents, campervans, motorhomes and RVs. Often beautifully situated close to natural attractions, these holiday parks usually provide kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, playgrounds, cabins and more. Great option for family accommodation in Bora Bora.

    Bora Bora Eco and Nature Accommodation

    Bora Bora offers a wide choice of eco-friendly and nature accommodation located in the heart of the country's natural environment. Meditative retreats, yoga and other relaxing activities treating body, spirit and soul are often available. Choose from beachfront NZ cottages, lodges, cabins.

    Bora Bora Exclusive Luxury Accommodation

    Often showcasing the latest styles in New Zealand interior design, exclusive luxury accommodations offer the discerning traveller an exceptionally high level of quality, service and luxury. Choose from exclusive luxury accommodation offered by hotels, lodges and resorts throughout Bora Bora.

    Bora Bora Family Friendly Accommodation

    Looking for child-safe furniture (cots and highchairs), playgrounds, swimming pools and accommodation with other child-friendly entertainment to hand? Then view our listings for family friendly accommodation in Bora Bora, guaranteed to make family holidays fun and memorable for all the right reasons.

    Bora Bora Farmstay Accommodation

    With many farms situated within some of the most beautiful countryside in Bora Bora, staying on a farm and enjoying warm, rural hospitality is a highly enjoyable way to see parts of Bora Bora that other travellers sticking to the well-beaten track may not get to see.

    Bora Bora Gay and Lesbian Accommodation

    Rainbow and pink tourism is well catered for throughout Bora Bora with a wide range of gay, bi and lesbian friendly accommodations to choose from. Gay and lesbian-owned accommodation, in particular, often offers its guests a warm welcome, privacy, seclusion and tasteful decor.

    Bora Bora Holiday Houses and Vacation Homes Accommodation

    Take your pick from one of the rustic holiday houses or luxurious vacation homes situated throughout Bora Bora. Owned by the locals, these houses and homes are often found in highly sought-after picturesque locations and offer all the comforts of home and more.

    Bora Bora Homestay Accommodation

    By choosing Bora Bora homestay accommodation, you typically stay in rooms or annexes within a Bora Bora family home. Bora Bora hosts are known for providing warm welcomes, dining with families is often an option and homestay accommodation is an excellent way for students of English to improve.

    Bora Bora Hotel Accommodation

    Bora Bora hotels provide a wide range of accommodation choices catering for a wide variety of travellers and budgets (tourists, groups, families, corporate, conference and business). Book your hotel accommodation in Bora Bora and choose from budget hotels to luxury, five-star hotels.

    Bora Bora Lodges and Retreat Accommodation

    Restful, relaxing and peaceful.... Bora Bora lodges and retreats offer weary travellers and over-worked locals a perfect antidote to busy life. Getaway to remote locations in the Bora Bora countryside and let yourself succumb to luxury, service and the beautiful scenery.

    Bora Bora Motor Lodges, Motor Inn and Motel Accommodation

    Motels and motor lodges in Bora Bora offer travellers and tourists all the comforts of home, including kitchens or kitchenettes which make self-catering an easy option. Bora Bora motels offer rooms and suites in a variety of sizes to suit different accommodation requirements and budgets.

    Bora Bora Outdoor and Sports Lodges

    (Sports, Ski, Hunting, Fishing) - If you have an interest in a particular sport or activity such as golf, fishing, sailing, hunting and hiking, then view our listings for sports lodges, resorts and outdoor lodges mostly situated close by excellent sporting facilities. A great way to meet other like-minded travellers.

    Bora Bora Pet Friendly Accommodation

    Take the hassle out of knowing where and when your pet is welcome in holiday accommodation providers by browsing our pet-friendly accommodation in Bora Bora. A range of accommodation is available including cottages, cabins, motels and motorparks.

    Bora Bora Resorts and Health Spa Accommodation

    Give yourself a well-deserved break and take some time out to improve your spirits at Bora Bora's beautiful resorts and health spas, specialising in spa treatments, beauty therapies, relaxation and recreations designed to re-juvenate both mind and body.

    Bora Bora Self Catering Accommodation

    For those families and travellers who want to enjoy a timetable free from opening and closing times, self-catering is a great Bora Bora holiday accommodation option. Self catering is available at a wide range of Bora Bora accommodations, from motels to camp sites, and suits all budgets.

    Bora Bora Villa Accommodation

    Usually set in beautiful countryside surroundings, Bora Bora's villa accommodation offers travellers the opportunity to relax in secluded and private environments close to well-known and remote beauty spots. Villa accommodation varies in price depending on size, style and season..

    Bora Bora Vineyard Accommodation

    With Bora Bora wine gaining an international reputation for excellence, staying in one of the country's vineyard accommodations is an excellent way to literally get a first-hand taste of the Bora Bora wine growing industry. Like many wines, vineyard accommodation is often boutique and of very high standard.

    Bora Bora Womens Accommodation

    If you're a woman travelling on her own or within a small group, then you may want to find accommodation designed to cater for women only. Safe and secure Bora Bora accommodation can help ensure a good night's rest to leave you fit and refreshed to enjoy every day of your holiday.

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