Tahiti is an island paradise, in the South Pacific Ocean. Travel to Tahiti and explore a country made up of 118 islands spread over five great archipelagos. Vacationing in Tahiti is very popular, especially the tropical island paradise of Bora Bora. Tahiti includes Tahiti Island, Moorea, Bora Bora, Huahine, Raiatea, Taha'a, Rangiroa, Manihi, Tikehau, Fakarava and the Marquesas (also known as The Mysterious Islands).

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Tahiti is a popular vacation destination, made up of 118 islands spread over five great archipelagos, in the South Pacific Ocean. Tahiti is an island paradise with many attractions. more

Covering about two million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean, Tahiti is a relatively quick flight from New Zealand or Australia. Flight times are approximately five hours from New Zealand and seven hours from Australia.

Many of Tahiti's islands have jagged high peaks while other Tahitian islands look like they are just above the breaking waves. The three most popular archipelago groups for travellers are the Society Islands which include Tahiti Island, Moorea, Bora Bora, Huahine, Raiatea and Taha'a. The Tuamotu Atolls (also known as Tahiti's Strand of Pearls) comprise of the atolls of Rangiroa, Manihi, Tikehau, and Fakarava together with the Marquesas Islands (also known as The Mysterious Islands).

Tahiti is a popular vacation destination for New Zealanders and Australians. Tahiti is also an ideal holiday stopover for travellers visiting New Zealand or Australia. Allow plenty of time to relax in Tahiti and experience the culture and lifestyle.

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