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The Samoa Islands (also Samoan Islands) are an archipelago located in the central South Pacific Ocean. Samoa is about 3.5 hours flight from Auckland, New Zealand.

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Samoa Wedding Venues and Wedding Facilities

The first thing to decide when searching for the perfect wedding venue in Samoa is what kind of wedding do you want? Traditional or modern? Indoor or outdoor? Perhaps you would like to charter a luxury yacht, hire a historic house or use the facilities of a large, modern hotel. Other ideas include wineries, restaurants, community centres and chapels.

The capacity of the wedding venue is the next thing to consider. Do you want to be able to cater for a large crowd (say several hundred people) or do you want a small, intimate wedding venue? Some wedding venues can cater for more people if it is non-seated, cocktail style.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding in Samoa, you will need to plan a backup, indoor venue in case the weather turns bad. If you don't want to plan a backup, indoor wedding venue, you could organise for several pavillions to be set up for people to shelter under if it rains.

Many Samoa wedding venues are set in beautiful, themed gardens and parks. There may be ideal locations around your wedding venue for your wedding photography and videography. If your chosen wedding venue does not have adequate areas for photos, it is customary for the wedding party and photographer/videographer to go off-site for a hour or two to pre-chosen parks and gardens for the wedding photos.

Samoa wedding reception venues cater for your wedding celebration after your wedding ceremony. Wedding reception venues may cater for a large group of people, or may be smaller and more intimate. You may want to confirm that the wedding reception venue you choose has a current liquor licence, or you will not be able to sell or distribute alcohol at your wedding reception.

Further things to consider when booking your reception venue for your wedding are: Are there noise restrictions? Is there a dance area? Is there enough room for parking? Is smoking permitted?

Facilities at your Samoa wedding venue and wedding reception venue need to include bathroom facilities, parking and designated smoking areas. Other wedding facilities might include pavillions, seating, off-street parking and catering services.

It is easy to find, select and book wedding venues and facilities in Samoa online...(search wedding venues and facilities directory)

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