Have a holiday in Samoa. Samoa Islands are located in the central South Pacific Ocean. Samoa is about a 3.5 hour flight from Auckland, Pacific Islands. The nation of Samoa is an archipelago of many islands. The larger Samoan islands are volcanic in origin, mountainous, and covered in tropical moist forest. Some of the smaller islands are coral atolls.

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The Samoa Islands (also Samoan Islands) are an archipelago located in the central South Pacific Ocean. Samoa is about 3.5 hours flight from Auckland, New Zealand. more

Consisting of ten islands, each Samoan island offers very distinct and different flora and landscapes to explore from the rainforest covered volcanic mountains of the two main islands to the valleys leading down to a coastline and beaches. The two main Samoa regions are Savaii and Upolu.

Lush vegetation enhabites Samoa in the valleys and rainforest canopy which is full of tropical blooms. Cascading waterfalls dropping into rivers that cut jagged lines through the valley floor as they make their way to the ocean.

Samoa is a popular vacation destination for New Zealanders and Australians. Samoa is also an ideal holiday stopover for travellers visiting New Zealand or Australia. Allow plenty of time to relax in Samoa and experience the culture and lifestyle.

The Samoan coastline is peppered with sparkling white sandy beaches and beyond that, blue lagoons are scattered across the rest of the islands that make up the Samoa archipelago.

Samoa has plenty of natural beauty and you'll also find villages with churches, meeting houses and open fale or homes encircling the malae or village green.

For an overview of Samoa as a holiday destination, read the Samoa Holiday and Visitor Information section.

Tourism and business has returned to normal after the 2009 tsunami and earthquakes. The effects of the tsunami were confined to the southwest coast of the island of Upolo and did not affect Apia, the Capital City. Read more about the tsunami recovery to see how the island's tourism operators are bouncing back to normal.

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