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Kadavu is a great holiday destination for travellers wanting to combine their love of the outdoors with their adventurous spirit. Adventure activities suit all levels of confidence and sense of adventure. more

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Kadavu Adventure Activities

Kadavu is a great holiday destination for those travellers and tourists wanting to combine their love of the outdoors with their adventurous spirits. Throughout the country, you'll find a wealth of attractions and activities that offer you exciting and potentially new adventure activities in breathtakingly-spectacular locations that will help make your Kadavu holiday truly memorable. Just be sure to pack your camera so you can catch it all.

Many of the adventure activities and outdoors attractions available to travellers in Kadavu are unique simply due to the magnificent natural scenery and environment in which they are enjoyed. However, it's also worth noting that the spirit of activity leaders and attractions operators in the business is quintessentially relaxed, personable and friendly. Kadavu tourism operates at the highest levels of service and safety. Although some activities may always involve a small element of risk to self (e.g. white water rafting, caving, diving, etc), Kadavu operators work to stringent safety standards and have excellent track records in making sure that adventure activities in Kadavu are as safe as they possibly can be.

The best way to choose your adventure activity is to browse through our adventure activities directory to see what catches your eye, but there are definitely a few worth highlighting. These include:

Zorbing — A zorb is a large plastic ball that is rolled down a hill, towards speeds of 30 kilometres per hour. Where's the thrill in that you may ask? Well, you're inside it, of course!

Bungy Jumping — Inspired by ancient Vanuatu rites of passage, bungy jumping involves throwing yourself off a high ledge (maybe a bridge above a river) secured at your ankles by a long, elasticated rope. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Canyoning — Canyoning is all about taking on nature's hydro slides. Wrapped in a much-needed wetsuit, you'll abseil down waterfalls, plunge down rock chutes and get very, very wet.

Canyon Swinging — Jump off a very high place forwards, backwards, face first or upside down and drop into a freefall towards the canyon base. Your ropes (yes, you do have them) then give you some of the biggest swings of adrenalin you'll ever encounter.

Fly By Wire — For the ultimate control freak, flying by wire involves being strapped into a purpose built plane that you steer your own course and speed, rocketing up or gliding down toward the valley floor.

If throwing yourself down canyons, rivers or hills isn't quite your thing, you may want to think about some of the many alternative activities on offer: offroading, kayaking, kart racing, caving, climbing, hang gliding, paragliding, heliskiing, horse riding, hot air ballooning, hunting, jet boating, rafting, skydiving and much more!

The biggest challenge of all is trying to fit it all in — how long have you got in Kadavu again? (It's probably not long enough!).

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