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A Pacific Island holiday is a great way to unwind. The Pacific Islands (also known as South Pacific Islands) are the major group of islands north of New Zealand and east of Australia. The islands of the Pacific are an ideal holiday destination. more

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Cuisine and dining in the Pacific Islands varies slightly from island to island. Cuisine is generally a blend of native foods with European, Japanese, and American influences. The cuisine is also influenced by the Asian Indians, Chinese, Korean, and Filipino agricultural workers who arrived in the Pacific Islands in the eighteenth century.

Pacific Island diets are based on whole foods found in nature on the islands. The food is generally prepared without excess cooking, and is therefore very high in vitamins.

Culture plays a large part in the preparation and consumption of food on the islands. Families often gather together for traditional meals, such as pork cooked in a firepit. Fish and other seafood is very popular, as are coconuts, bananas and other fruit grown on the islands.

In some of the more modern islands, such as Hawaii and Samoa, traditional foods now play a lesser role, and imported foods and fast foods are high in consumption.

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