Welcome to the Pacific Islands Tourism Guide Business Centre. This section is designed to provide Pacific Islands tourism operators with useful tools and information. Includes information on Web statistics, member shield code, advertising with us and much more.

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Welcome to Pacific Islands Tourism Guide's Business Centre!

This section is designed to provide Pacific Islands tourism operators with useful tools and information.

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Pacific Islands Tourism Guide offers excellent exposure to both international and domestic travellers. Advertise your business online with us now. A wide range of marketing options are available to suit all budgets...(more)

Bogus Bookings and Online Scams

International scammers are targeting Pacific Islands tourism industry operators. Be alert! Bogus bookings can be an inconvenience, taking up time and effort, and it can even lead to a loss of a booking opportunity when it takes away revenue from real bookings...(more)

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If you have purchased an Audio Visual Clip, you will have been sent an email with various options for adding the clip to your Web site and email signature. Adding your Audio Visual Clip to your email or Web site will greatly increase its exposure and...(more)

If you're not a member of Pacific Islands Tourism Guide, then you can't use our Member Shields but we'd still love you to link to us. Quality Pacific Islands links on your site help to build a strong Pacific Islands tourism network and ultimately increases the business for all involved. We have a number of text and graphic...(more)

Membership Shields

Members of Pacific Islands Tourism Guide have exclusive use of Pacific Islands Tourism Guide's graphical shields. They look great and convey to your Web site audience that you are an official member of Pacific Islands Tourism Guide. You can view the best option and easily copy the code into your site...(more)

Web Statistics

Find out why you should look at your Web site statistics, how to access them, what you are looking at when you get there and how you can use them to improve your Web site and online business performance...(more)

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