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Image Source: John Nicholls. Diving with Big Blue, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Diving with Big Blue, Port Vila, Vanuatu
John Nicholls

The climate in Vanuatu is sub-tropical and has approximately nine months of hot rainy weather with the possibility of cyclones. Vanuatu averages 2.5 cyclones per year. There are around three to four months of cooler, drier weather. Vanuatu has a long rainy season with significant rainfall occurring almost every month. The wettest and hottest months are between December and April. Mosquitoes are more prevalent during the wet season. The driest months are May to November. Festivals and sporting contests are held during these months.

Depending on the season, daily temperatures in Vanuatu can range between 20°C to 32°C.

The water temperature can range from 22°C to 28°C which makes it a great place for swimming, diving and other water based activities all year round.

Vanuatu's climate varies from wet tropical in the north (over 4000mm of rainfall a year) to subtropical in the south (less than 2000mm), with dry rain-shadow areas in between.

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