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Image Source: John Nicholls. Port Vila, Vanuatu
Port Vila, Vanuatu
John Nicholls

Water – The water in urban areas of Vanuatu is safe to drink. Bottled water is also readily available.

Electricity – Electricity is 240 volts AC. Most hotels use the same three-pin plugs that are found in Australia and New Zealand. Some resorts were built by the French and take European two-point plugs. If this is the case, the resorts should have adaptors.

Phones – Mobile phone service in the islands is provided by TVL and Digicel. You can purchase a pre-paid SIM card from the TVL office to use in your own phone. You can add to the balance from participating outlets.

It is best to check with your provider to see if your own number will work in Vanuatu.

If you are making a call from Vanuatu, dial 00, then country code and area code (if there is one) then the telephone number. If you are calling Vanuatu, dial 00, the 678 (country code) then the telephone number.

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