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Image Source: Sarah Kelemen. Palm trees in Tonga
Palm trees in Tonga
cc Sarah Kelemen

Phone calls – The country code for Tonga is +676, you may also need city codes when placing a phone call to Tonga. To make a phone call from Tonga, first dial the country code, then area code of the country you are calling, followed by the telephone number.

Cell phones – International roaming is available for those travelling with a mobile phone. Pre-paid SIM cards are available from the two mobile phone operators, TCC and Digicel. It is recommended that you find out about roaming with your network operator if you do not intend to purchase a SIM card in Tonga.

Electricity – Electricity is 240 volts (the same as in the UK, Australia and New Zealand). If you come from the US you will need a convertor. Sockets are three pronged, the upper two prongs are angled and flat, the lower prong is vertical and flat.

Water – The water supplies in Apia, Pago Pago and Nuku’alofa are safe to drink, but avoid tap water from other areas. In some places the only freshwater available is from rain water collected in tanks, this should be boiled before drinking. As in Fiji, stay away from ice cubes.

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