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Electricity – The electrical current in Samoa is 120V and the cycle is 60Hz and you will need a converter if you have appliances that don’t accept this voltage. Square three-pin plugs are standard.

Telephones – Samoa has an adequate telephone system with international calling. Some villages have public phones available and require a pre-paid phone card. In more remote parts of Samoa, telegrams are the most reliable form of international communication.

Mobile Phones – Global roaming services are not available in Samoa, but Telecom Samoa Cellular runs a TDMA digital/analogue hybrid mobile phone network, and if your phone is compatible, they can allocate you a separate phone number and charge the service and calls to your credit card. Alternatively, mobile phones are available for hire in central Apia, although coverage is patchy, and phones used in Apia will not work in Savai'i (and vice-versa).

Internet Access – and Lesamoa are the only Internet Service Providers, but there are at least two public Internet access points in Apia, where fast, reliable access can be had for around 12 tala per hour.

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