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Image Source: Norfolk Island Tourism. Biking on Norfolk Island
Biking on Norfolk Island
Norfolk Island Tourism

There are a few car hire companies on Norfolk and prices are usually inexpensive. Visitors will need a current drivers licence and be over 21 years old.

The speed limit in town is 40km/hour, 25km/hour in the National Park and waterfront at Kingston and 50km/hour everywhere else. There are 80kms of paved and unpaved roads on the island. Driving is on the left hand side of the road. Visitors should also note that wandering cattle have right of way.

Bicycle hire is another popular way for visitors to travel. These can be hired through the tourist office.

A variety of tour companies also operate on the island and their informative tours are a great way for visitors to see the island.

Norfolk Island has no public transport system and taxis are only available on request.

There are no railways, waterways, ports or harbours on Norfolk Island. There are loading jetties at Kingston and Cascade but because supply ships cannot get close, they are unloaded by whaleboats towed by launches.

There is one airport on the island – Norfolk Island Airport.

The cruise ship market is growing with P & O Cruises making some port calls throughout the year.

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