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Image Source: Norfolk Island Tourism. Sunset on Norfolk Island
Sunset on Norfolk Island
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Phone Calls – Local phone calls are free but there is a charge for overseas calls. The country code for inbound calls to Norfolk Island is +672. To make a call from Norfolk Island, first dial 00 then the country code, area code and telephone number being dialed.

Cell Phones – It is advised that visitors check with their network operator before leaving about international roaming facilities in Norfolk Island. You could also purchase a pre-paid SIM card when you arrive in Norfolk Island.

Electricity – The current in Norfolk Island is 240 volts AC 50Hz with three-pin power points - the same as in Australia and New Zealand.

Electricity is generated by large diesel generators and as power surges are quite common, surge protection devices are recommended for all electronic devices.

Water – Tap water in Norfolk Island is clean and safe to drink unless stated otherwise. Most water is collected in rain water tanks and some hotels rely on bore water as their main source of drinking water. Bottled water is also available.

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