Cook Islands weather, climate and average temperatures. A holiday in the beautiful Cook Islands is ideal for a relaxing, sunny island getaway. Rarotonga is the capital island in the Cook Islands and tends to enjoy a cooler climate than the neighbouring Cook Islands.

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The Cook Islands enjoy a moderate to tropical climate. Severe weather is seldom experienced, making the Cook Islands a great all-year round holiday destination.

The Cook Islands rainy season is between November and March with the temperature averaging 28°C.

The drier, cooler season is between April and October. The temperature averages 20°C during these months.

Aitutaki and the northern islands tend to be warmer than Rarotonga, the capital island. Rarotonga tends to accumulates cloud around its mountain peaks, keeping the temperatures cooler.

Mangaia in the south is the coolest island. Penrhyn and Rakahanga in the north are the hottest islands, as they are closer to the equator.

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