Cook Islands Services and Utilities include drinking water, electricity and mobile phone coverage. Drinking water in the Cook Islands is untreated, so it is advised that you buy bottled water or boil your water first. There is electricty available throughout the Cook Islands and you may need an adapter. Cell phone reception is available in Rarotonga and Aitutaki in the Cook Islands.

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Cook Islands Services and Utilities

The Cook Islands provide a range of services and utilities. Services such as cell phone coverage could be affected in some areas of the Cook Islands, so it is best to check where you will receive coverage before you leave. It is also a good idea to take an adapter with you, as electricity outlets in the Cook Islands may differ from home.

Image Source: Beach on Rarotonga
Beach on Rarotonga

Cook Islands Water

Water is untreated, so bottled water is advisable. An alternative is to boil water before you go to sleep at night, so that in the morning you will have a supply of cold, boiled water.

Cook Islands Electricity

Electricity is 240 volts AC. You'll find some three-pin plugs that are found in Australia and New Zealand, mainly on air-conditioners and power tools.

Others are two-prong, so, if you require power it would be a good idea to invest in an adapter.

Cook Islands Mobile Phone Coverage

Travellers from New Zealand, Australia and Samoa can arrange roaming with their mobile phone networks or a Cook Islands' SIM card and top-up cards can be purchased.

Mobile phone coverage is available in Rarotonga and Aitutaki.

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