The NZTG Business Centre pages are designed to provide Pacific Islands tourism operators with useful tools and information, such as web tools, member shield HTML code, Pacific Islands corporate event planning, media releases, newsletters, etc.

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Welcome to New Zealand Tourism Guide's (NZTG) Business Centre!

This section is designed to provide New Zealand tourism operators with useful tools and information. Contact us if you have any queries about this content.

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New Zealand Tourism Guide is the top commercial tourism directory for traffic according to Nielsen Netratings. For excellent exposure to international and domestic travellers, advertise your business online with us now. A wide range of marketing options are available to suit all budgets...(more)

Bogus Bookings and Online Scams

International scammers are targeting New Zealand tourism industry operators. Be alert! Bogus bookings can be an inconvenience, taking up time and effort, and it can even lead to a loss of a booking opportunity when it takes away revenue from real bookings...(more)

New Zealand Tourism Guide direct booking serviceDirect Booking Service

Do you want want to reduce the risk of losing a booking from customers ready to book now? Do you want to generate confirmed sales from our massive international and domestic traffic? New Zealand Tourism Guide has a booking feature you can add to your listing and it's free to set up...(more)

New Zealand Tourism Guide Enquiry ButtonsEnquiry Buttons For Use On Your Own Website

Would you like to increase the number of enquiries that you receive? Would you like to offer your customers a safe and secure way to pay? New Zealand Tourism Guide has a selection of easy-to-add buttons available that make use of your own NZTG Secure Enquiry Forms. Add one or more buttons to your own website - it's completely free of charge...(more)

New Zealand Tourism Guide help informationHelp Information

If you purchased have an Audio Visual Clip or have added BookIt to your listing, you will have been sent an email with various options for adding them to your Web site and email signature. Adding your Audio Visual Clip to your email or Web site will greatly increase its exposure and...(more)

Free New Zealand Maps

Feature rich map links are the ideal way to instantly add value to your Web site. These map links provide your visitors with easy access to a wide range of New Zealand tourism options, as well as links to regional information. With these map links, you will be able to broaden the type of information available on your Web site...(more)

Getting started in tourism in New ZealandGetting Started in Tourism in New Zealand

Tourism is the world's biggest and fastest growing industry. In New Zealand, tourism is a hugely significant contributor to our economy—earning nine percent of New Zealand's income (GDP) and supporting one in 10 jobs. To help you get started, a free book is available...(more)

Designlink - Graphic Design and Print Design servicesGraphic and Print Design

With over 10 years graphic design experience and 3 years running a prepress department in a printing factory, Design Link offers premium graphic design and can assist in all printing requirements. From logo design, stationery printing and advertising media through to signage, clothing and car graphics... if it can be printed - we can do it....(more)

Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Services in New ZealandHospitality, Travel and Tourism Services

There are a huge range of travel, tourism and hospitality products and services available for existing or startup businesses. These cover marketing, industry supplies, management services, business planning, human resources, training and development, certification...(more)

If you're not a member of New Zealand Tourism Guide, then you can't use our Member Shields but we'd still love you to link to us. Quality New Zealand links on your site help to build a strong New Zealand tourism network and ultimately increases the business for all involved. We have a number of text and graphic...(more)

New Zealand Event Planning

Check out our new Event Planning section featuring everything you need to arrange, advertise and manage your event, conference or meeting. With businesses offering event venues and facilities, corporate event planning, team building, photography and videography, audio visual and lighting hire, public speakers and more...(more)

New Zealand Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism is about protecting and enhancing our natural environment and resources for future generations, whilst at the same time ensuring long-term economic and socio-cultural benefits for New Zealand. It's a choice you make and it's a choice you should make sooner rather than later...(more)

New Zealand Tourism Businesses For Sale

Interested in buying a tourism business? The tourism industry is one of New Zealand's largest earners of foreign exchange and directly and indirectly contributes 8.6% of New Zealand's GDP or approximately NZ$15.9 billion per annum. Tourism employs about one in every ten people so it's an important industry for New Zealand...(more)

New Zealand tourism careersNew Zealand Tourism Careers

Are you considering a career in tourism? This is an exciting industry to be in and one which provides an excellent base. Not only can you work in New Zealand but it's a useful occupation if you travel overseas. With one in ten people working within the tourism industry in New Zealand...(more)

New Zealand Tourism Information

Extremely useful, latest tourism news courtesy of Tourism New Zealand. Visit this section regularly to ensure you are up with the play and in the know for the latest tourism updates. Includes updates from the people in the know—news, events, trade shows, training seminars, regional arrivals...(more)

New Zealand Tourism Newsletter

This newsletter is sent out monthly and is written for tourism operators in New Zealand. It contains tourism comments and valuable Internet marketing news, tips and specific information for tourism companies. In addition we also provide updates and developments about our Web site. To subscribe to...(more)

New Zealand Tourism Strategy 2015

The New Zealand Tourism Strategy was launched in 2001, with a shared vision for 2010. It identified the type of tourism NZ wants to attract, as high quality, high-yielding and sustainable for the future. More recently a draft NZ Tourism Strategy to 2015 has been developed. As a tourism operator, this affects you...(more)

New Zealand Domestic Tourism

This segmentation research by the Ministry of Tourism New Zealand is the most in-depth look into New Zealand's domestic tourism industry to date. It investigates the motivations behind taking a holiday, segments the domestic market and provides practical ways to apply the research for domestic tourism marketers...(more)

View New Zealand on YouTube videosNew Zealand YouTube Videos

With multimedia becoming an increasingly popular medium, YouTube are one of the top Web sites to get your message across to a huge travelling audience. New Zealand Tourism Guide offer a YouTube service for tourism operators who have an audio visual. Act now...(more)

View useful New Zealand web toolsNew Zealand Web Tools

Would you like assistance to take your Web site to the next level? Here is a selection of useful tools and services that will help to make your Web site more effective. Web design and marketing, search engine ranking reports, email mailing list software, email spam blocker and content writing...(more)

NZTG Member Shield

Members of New Zealand Tourism Guide have exclusive use of New Zealand Tourism Guide's graphical shields. They look great and convey to your Web site audience that you are an official member of New Zealand Tourism Guide. You can view the best option and easily copy the code into your site...(more)

Spam and Email Filters

Have you noticed a reduction in the number of emails you are receiving? Or perhaps an important email hasn't arrived in your inbox yet? If so, then you could be one of thousands of people who are having their valid emails filtered out and put in the spam box...(more)

Tourism Website Awards

On a weekly basis, the team at New Zealand Tourism Guide showcase one of the best New Zealand Tourism Websites. The award is awarded to leading New Zealand travel sites that enhance New Zealand as a travel destination and each site must comply to criteria set by New Zealand Tourism Guide. (more)

Web Statistics

Find out why you should look at your Web site statistics, how to access them, what you are looking at when you get there and how you can use them to improve your Web site and online business performance...(more)

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